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 Full Spectrum CBD Oil 4500 mg

  • 150mg CBD per 1ml oil

Suggested use: Adults take half a dropper (approx. 0.5ml) 2 times a day or as needed to start. Drop and hold underneath the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.

Directions for use:

Place oil drops underneath your tongue and hold for 90 second s to absorb before swallowing.
*Start with a smaller dose to begin with and build up as your body gets adjusted to the effects. We recommend starting with 1/2 a dropper day and night and working your way up to the recommended dose.

The dosage varies from individual to individual depending on what you are taking it for.

Shake bottle well before each use.

Store in a cool dark place.



Full Spectrum CBD, Hemp seed oil.

Customer Reviews

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Chantelle J.
Immediate Relief

The Full Spectrum CBD oil has been a life saver. I find it gives me immediate relief from my migraine and arthritis pain.

Thank you for your review :)