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Organic CO2 Extract Cold Press Isolate 1500mg Hemp CBD Oil

  • 50mg CBD per 1ml oil
CBD Oil 1500mg Dosage
CBD oil 1500mg Australia

Suggested use: Adults take half a dropper (approx. 0.5ml) 2 times a day or as needed to start. Drop and hold underneath the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.

Directions for use:

Place oil drops underneath your tongue and hold for 90 second s to absorb before swallowing.
*Start with a smaller dose to begin with and build up as your body gets adjusted to the effects. We recommend starting with 1/2 a dropper day and night and working your way up to the recommended dose.

The dosage varies from individual to individual depending on what you are taking it for.

Shake bottle well before each use.

Store in a cool dark place.



CBD Isolate, Hemp seed oil.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I was sceptical at first but I've not had a good night's sleep like this since I was a teen. I suffer from ptsd, major depression, anxiety and migraines. I have been on this oil for only 1 week and My sleeps better, moods better I'm better at work and can relax. Also no migraines yet touch wood and I get them normally twice a week. Thank you chillpill company

Thank you so much for the wonderful review. So glad that you're feeling much better. :)

Saviour for anxiety and stress

Love it. So good to finally feel calm on a daily bases. I just take less than half a dropper dose when im feeling on edge. Calms me down and anxiety is a distant thought. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

We are so happy to hear the CBD Oil has helped manage your stress and anxiety. Thank you so much for your review.

Adam C.

Very satisfied with this product

Thank you for your feedback.

Warrick B.
Quick Delivery

Haven’t used it yet though. Haven’t had the pain required yet.

Thank you for your review and feedback.

Very good

Works well and very good product.Thank you very much

Thank you for your review and feedback.

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