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CBD Oil Dosage Guide

How much CBD should I take?

Recommended dosage varies from individual to individual with the common starting range between 5 to 50 milligrams(mg) per day. If you are unsure of your individual CBD requirement, we recommend speaking to your medical health practitioner.

To start off we recommend taking a couple of drops twice a day and gradually increasing your dose. You can always increase/decrease your dose depending on how your body responds to it. It is always suggested that if a dosage is not giving you the same benefit it used to; then to increase your dose slightly every couple of days till you find the optimum dose for you.

How to take CBD oil?

How to take CBD oil
How to take CBD oil

The best way to take CBD is sublingually aka under the tongue. Most effective and quicker absorption, best way to find the best dosage for you.

1. Shake the bottle
2. Fill the dropper to the recommended dose
3. release the CBD oil under your tongue
4. Hold under tongue for 90 seconds
5. Swallow remaining CBD Oil

How do I measure CBD in the dropper?

Fill the dropper to your required dosage. Use this diagram to measure and calculate your intake.

CBD Oil 5000mg dosage
CBD oil 5000mg Australia
CBD Oil 1500mg Dosage
CBD oil 1500mg Australia




*Suggested use only.  Please see your medical health practitioner for advice if needed




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